Bill Hale Founder Hale Pet Door
"If there is a better way, we will find it. If there is a better pet door − rest assured − we will build it!"
- Bill Hale Founder Hale Pet Door
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Hale Pet Door Factory

Welcome to our manufacturing facility in Glendale, Arizona.

Hale Pet Door Factory Front

Here at Hale Pet Door we make every effort to contribute to a better environment. We use faucet water filters instead of bottled water to prevent adding more plastic bottles to landfills. From recycling aluminum cans in our offices and donating to humane societies to recycling all the cardboard and styrofoam used in our factory, we try to show we care about the earth and are doing our part to "go green".

Door building in progress

Once the order for your pet door is placed, our production team goes to work. Each order is carefully manufactured to our customers' specifications. At Hale, each and every order really matters to us.

In-glass installation

Hale Pet Doors are manufactured with the highest quality materials and craftmanship and the greatest attention to detail.

Hale Pet Door factory inventory

Standard products (without glass) are typically shipped by the next day. Same day shipping may be available depending on the products ordered and the time we receive the order. Custom order shipping varies and order expediting is available.