Bill Hale Founder Hale Pet Door
"If there is a better way, we will find it. If there is a better pet door − rest assured − we will build it!"
- Bill Hale Founder Hale Pet Door
Rescue Rewards
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Our Products Provide Solutions for Your Pet Needs

  • In-Glass Doors: This pet door is the most attractive and unobtrusive option for a glass door or window installation.
  • Simple Security Barrier: This innovative product is crafted to be installed directly in front of any of our pet doors to keep your home safe from intruders.
  • Standard Security Barriers: We offer three variations of our attractive, cedar Standard Security Barrier to fit our customer's differing needs and preferences.

Rescue Rewards

Hale Pet Door is all about providing solutions - even doing our part to help solve the pet over-population problem. Customers who adopt a pet receive a discount on their pet door, and the rescue group will then receive a check in the mail for that same amount. Hale's Rescue Rewards program was established several years ago and now has over 250 participating shelters, humane societies and rescue groups, with more joining every day.