Bill Hale Founder Hale Pet Door
"If there is a better way, we will find it. If there is a better pet door − rest assured − we will build it!"
- Bill Hale Founder Hale Pet Door
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Pet Doors

Hale Pet Doors are made to suit the needs of each customer and their pet - from cats and dogs to rabbits and pot-bellied pigs. We manufacture doors in 10 models, 11 sizes (with custom sizing available) and a selection of color choices for frame, security covers and flaps.

Our pet doors are built to fit in:

  • Walls: A self-framing and self-supporting design makes it adapt to fit any opening cut into an interior or exterior wall.
  • Doors: Fits perfectly in wood doors, metal doors, hollow core doors, raised panel doors and even French doors.
  • Windows: We offer six styles that are custom made to your specifications.
  • Screens: Perfect for screened porches, sliding screen doors, and some window screens.
  • Panels for Patio Doors: We offer two styles of panel pet doors to fit nearly any sliding patio door for either permanent or temporary installations.
  • Storm Windows: Designed to be installed directly into a pane of glass which in turn will fit directly into an existing storm window or storm door.
  • In-glass: The most attractive and unobtrusive option for glass door or window installation.

    Warranty and Customer Satisfaction

    At Hale Pet Door, we stand solidly behind all of our products. We have a five-year, pro-rated warranty, which includes flaps, and we pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction. Customers can speak with knowledgeable Hale employees to place orders, design a custom door just for them, and to share ideas and concerns.

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    Related Hale Pet Door Products

    • Ramps: Sturdy, high-quality, carpet-covered ramps that can be utilized along with Hale products or other brands of pet doors. Designed to stand up to the worst outdoor weather but fit into any indoor decor.
    • Replacement Parts: In order to best serve our customers, we provide them with the opportunity to order replacement flaps, weather stripping, magnets, pet door frames, wall tunnels, etc.
    • Other Innovative Items: Click here for our current selection. Please check back often for new products and solutions designed by our in-house research and development team.

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    Customer Support and Information

    Our pet doors are built to last, guaranteed to work.

    Customers can call during regular business hours to receive information from knowledgeable Hale Pet Door staff. Customers also can find complete "do-it-yourself" installation information at, which includes step-by-step instructions with photos for each of our models. The website even offers advice on how customers can best clean and maintain their pet door, change flaps and other pertinent information.