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"If there is a better way, we will find it. If there is a better pet door − rest assured − we will build it!"
- Bill Hale Founder Hale Pet Door
Rescue Rewards
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Rescue Rewards

Black dog from Colorado Animal Rescue Express Golden pup from Colorado Animal Rescue Express Miss Fred, sheltie, from Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue Lady, cat, with Nevada SPCA

Hale Pet Door puts its money where its “Woof” is when it comes to helping homeless pets. Hale donated over $20,000 last year to rescue groups and shelters all over the country through our Rescue Rewards program in 2010. This represents our top year in donations since the Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards Program started several years ago. As of January 2011, there are well over 500 groups that have received donations from Hale – with more joining every week. We hope that our Rescue Rewards program will help all homeless pets find homes and pet doors of their very own!

Thanking Customers Who Adopt

When our customers purchase a pet door or other major product from us, such as a Cat Guardian or Security Barrier, they will receive a discount of 10 % off the product cost when they let us know that they have adopted a pet. Hale Pet Door then in turn donates an additional 10% of the purchase price to the rescue, shelter, or humane society where the pet was adopted.

Customers can order online and fill in the appropriate response regarding rescue, order over the phone or from a selected installer/dealer who honors the Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards program. This is Hale Pet Door’s way to thank customers who adopted and saved a life. Our Rescue Rewards coordinator follows up on every order and contacts the rescue group. (The Rescue Rewards discount does not apply to replacement parts or flaps.)

Donations for Rescues and Shelters

Hale Pet Door’s Rescue Rewards program is a terrific way for rescue groups and shelters to add to their donation coffers. Organizations must be a 501(c)3 non-profit or at least possess a federal tax ID. Groups can sign up via a quick form on our website at Hale Pet Door’s Rescue Rewards coordinator can also sign up a group following a pet door purchase from a customer who adopted their pet. Donation checks are sent out following the 30-day return period for our doors. Every new rescue or shelter that joins our program is contacted via email and phone, and also emailed Rescue Rewards coupons. We list them on our Facebook page, and offer to mail them Hale brochures. When rescues and shelters spread the word about Hale Pet Door, the donations multiply. It is win-win.

For more details about the Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards Program, including a list of all currently participating rescues and humane societies, please visit our main Hale Pet Door website at